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commission status: full

hello, i'm kat, and welcome to my carrd :3
i've been drawing for as long as i can remember, but i just recently came back from a hiatus i took due to health issues that have largely improved. my goal is to quit my day job and do art for a living, so every commission i get is one step closer to doing that!
thank you for your interest, it means so much to me that you enjoy my art ❤to inquire about a commission,
please contact me on any of my socials,
as katz1lla on discord, or kat on furcadia
your follow is greatly appreciated!

terms of service

[ ] contact me on any of my socials to discuss a commission. at bare minimum, i will need an image reference or physical description of the character you want drawn. any additional references or descriptions regarding poses or scenes will only serve to create a more satisfying outcome for you as my customer![ ] commissions are on a first come, first serve basis - to a degree. if your commission is large, complex, or involving multiple pieces, i will work on other pieces intermittently to maintain income or while taking a break. turnaround is anywhere from a few days to a month per piece, and you can generally count on the time estimate i give you. if i anticipate any delays, i will let you know![ ] all payments are upfront and via PAYPAL/USD unless i specify otherwise. refunds are available within reasonable means/depending on how much of the work has been completed. if you are at all unsatisfied, please give me the chance to work it out with you first![ ] upon commissioning me, you'll hear back from me when i have the sketch ready for you to review. we'll go over any changes you might want, and you'll get several more WIPs during the process. changes or additions can be requested at any point during the commission process. i will contact you if i have questions or need clarification on certain aspects. PLEASE do not be shy about asking for changes, you're not going to hurt my feelings![ ] once done, you'll receive an unwatermarked .png version of your finished piece that you're free to display and edit/manipulate the image as you please. all sketches/progress shots may also be kept and used as you wish. please credit/link to me, if possible. though it's not necessary, i definitely appreciate it!

what i will draw

if there's something i don't list here, please don't hesitate to ask!i will draw any type of character, regardless of gender or species. just know what you're getting will come in my "style," and some things i have more experience in than others.

  • cute / pretty characters

  • pokemon / fantasy creatures

  • animal characters

  • couples / group

  • nsfw ( ask re: content )

  • sketches, clean lineart, color, backgrounds and scenes

prices & examples

prices are based on single characters. the price will be multiplied by how many characters you're requesting in your commission, ie. 2x, 3x, etci have a flat +$50 nsfw fee. i define nsfw as explicit images and not just nudity. i do not display nsfw examples here.tips are accepted and wholly appreciated, but not required. what you see is what you pay. anything extra is up to you!

[ sketches / clean lineart ] fullbody $40 / halfbody $30 / bust $20

[ colored ] fullbody $100 / halfbody $75 / bust $50
+ $15 for simple background ( patterns / shapes )
+ $50 - $150 for detailed backgrounds and scenes, depending on complexity

[ pixel icons / furcadia ports ] bust $60 / halfbody OR fullbody $80
offered in 95x95 for furcadia, and 100x100 standard icon size

i would say pixel art is my "specialty" and what i'm most often commissioned for. i've been doing these for years, and they're probably what i enjoy doing the most / feel the most satisfied with the outcome of!

NEW 2023-2024 EXAMPLES:
oldest to newest

these are from roughly 2015-2017 and is not a complete portfolio of my pixels

[ fullbody pixel dolls ] $120 / for backgrounds/props, inquire